Shareholders will receive invitations to three art distribution events scheduled seasonally throughout 2013, where they will meet the artists and pickup their art.

The spring pick up event will debut at BMoCA at the end of April. For an invitation to this event, please purchase a share here. LINK

The distribution events will be exciting occasions for the CSArt Colorado members and artists to gather in celebration of the completion of an original body of work. At these events, artists will discuss their work and network with members in an inclusive environment that demonstrates the local support for their creativity and ongoing artistic production. Members will pickup the artwork and socialize with like-minded art supporters. These events will promote relationships, arts education, and community engagement with the arts.

As an added benefit to members and artists, CSArt Colorado will be commemorated each year with its own unique bag, box, or crate that members will receive at the first distribution event. Members will be encouraged to bring their bag, box, or crate to each event to pickup their artworks. The addition of a reusable carry-all will promote sustainability and recycling, and enhance a feeling of connectedness among the participants. Distribution events will also present ongoing opportunities for BMoCA and DBG to cross-promote their programs and exhibitions.

Image courtesy of Springboard for the Arts.